Extremely Rare Bugatti EB110 Car for Sale

Bugatti EB110

Just 31 examples of a Bugatti EB110 with scissor doors were created. Of those 31 cars, just two were then enhanced by German tuner Brabus. One of those glorious cars is now for sale by Oakfields, a specialty dealer. The rare exotic machine can be yours for around $730,000.

One of two Bugatti EB110 supercars to receive the Brabus treatment is now available

This version boasts a bespoke blue and black leather interior and identifiable Brabus side sills with an enhanced quad-exhaust system. Aside from the aesthetic and aerodynamic changes, Brabus did not alter the EB110’s multi-turbocharged 3.5-liter V12 engine–which is a bit unusual for an aftermarket tuner. Brabus specializes in enhancing supercars to pull out a few more horses by chip-tuning the production engine. Apparently, the Bugatti production version packed sufficient prowess as-is. That can be expected with so many turbochargers and dual overhead camshafts. read more