A Bugatti Concept That Actually Changes Gears

Bugatti concept

Bugatti has maintained the same general appearance for ages. Many carmakers take this approach, and while it does work, sometimes change is refreshing. The amazing Veyron was born thanks to the intervention of Volkswagen, and now French designer Marc Devauze is taking a trip down memory lane with the Bugatti TypeZero concept.

The TypeZero resembles the Type 35 of the 1920s, which was the brand’s most successful racer.

Dubbed the Bugatti TypeZero, it is a blend of some of its racing predecessors with a touch of the modern. The result is a single-seater bullet with racing suspension. The modern twist lies in the dramatic lines and the electric capacity, as it is fitted with 2 batteries and 4 motors! Where did they put all of that hardware? read more