Ferrari FF Hot Hatch Features Apple Siri and iPad

Ferrari FF

The Ferrari FF hot hatch just got a bit warmer! Moving forward, the new model years will all come equipped with Apple’s Siri and iPad minis as standard amenities. This makes complete sense for a 4-door family oriented Ferrari, after all, the kiddos of today all have one thumb in a hard drive at all times!

The Ferrari FF hatchback is an all-wheel drive four-seater wonder that left jaws on the pavement around the world following its debut. While initially stunned, many have come to love the quirky new Rari. The rear-seat entertainment package will feature Apple’s intelligent Siri and its handy iPad minis to keep the show on the road. The iPads will be installed in the back of the headrests, one on each side. That is right, no more fighting over iPads! I assume Siri will assist the kids with operations, as they will certainly not be able to reach the iPads from their seats. read more