Craigslist Guy Wants to Swap Private Island for Ferrari Enzo

Private Island for Ferrari Enzo

All is fair in the trading game–a sentiment which is made clear by this bizarre offer! A man is interested in trading a private Florida island for a Ferrari Enzo…or $1.7 million USD. The unique seller is more likely to receive money for his parcel, as just 399 Enzos were produced. Even so, what better outlet to advertise this swap than on Craigslist?

Man advertises 3-acre island that he is willing to trade for a Ferrari Enzo

The seller also has a website dedicated to various islands for sale by owner. This makes it all the more sketchy, because it seems that people get duped into purchasing islands without realizing that they cannot build on them, or cannot afford to develop them. That is just a theory, because there are always so many islands for sale. If owning an island was truly a dream, they would not be readily available….kinda like the Enzo! read more