Genty Akylone Supercar: The Beauty Returns with More Horses

The name Genty is relatively new in the exotic sports car arena. The French startup company first emerged back in 2011 with the Genty Akylone concept. While strikingly beautiful, the Akylone faded into the background until recently. Now the concept is back on the scene, packing more power and a stunning appearance.
The promotional video above offers a glimpse of the Akylone ripping it up a bit. It does the concept far more justice than the mediocre photos available. 

It is curious that the startup waited until the most popular annual auto shows were over to start touting the Genty Akylone again. Perhaps they were not prepared for the likes of Geneva or maybe they just wanted a more low-key reception in order to get a feel for the market. All guessing aside, let us get down to specs and see where the Akylone stands in terms of power, performance and competition. read more