Mansory Rolls Royce Wraith: Wreck or Wicked?

Mansory Rolls Royce Wraith

As if the exterior wasn’t obvious enough, pop open the hood of the Mansory Rolls Royce Wraith and take in the changes! Drenched with vibrant color and upgraded mods, aftermarket performance company Mansory have managed once more to improve upon perfection.

Mansory proves again that it is among the top boutique tuners in the world. The Mansory Rolls Royce Wraith is simply exquisite. 

Rolls Royce is a badge synonymous with utmost luxury. It is certainly a challenge to improve upon anything the carmaker delivers, and yet, just behold what Mansory has managed with the new Wraith. The tuned Wraith captivated onlookers at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, where I can imagine many offered their life savings for the chance to own one. read more