The McLaren 650S GT3 Hit the Goodwood Festival of Speed in Style

McLaren 650S GT3

Perched among the throngs of supercars at the 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed was the luminous McLaren 650S GT3. A vision in orange and sporting all the right racing cues, the 650S GT3 was certainly in the right place to communicate speed and power.

The McLaren 650S GT3 is an aggressive vision of racing. She was dressed in orange for the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed. Notice the glorious carbon fiber accents to add to the overall beast vibe.

The festival was the official unveiling of the never before seen McLaren 650S GT3 supercar. She pulls up to replace the outgoing McLaren 12C GT3. The new lady was positioned outside of the McLaren House booth at the FOS for the duration of the weekend, where she captured hearts and then headlines with her stance and prowess. No attempt was made to camouflage the fact that the 650S GT3 was inspired by the McLaren P1 hypercar. Notice the telltale front fascia, splitter and oversized thirsty air intakes. The rear diffuser seems to attract most of the physical attention while providing increased downforce. read more