Nick Cage Ferrari 599 is Sold

Nick Cage Ferrari 599

There are plenty of jokes about celebrity Nick Cage, but likely zero about his souped-up collection of exotic sports cars. Celebrities who become superstars quickly often make the mistake of then spending their money too quickly, and their toys are then sold off, like Cage’s Ferrari 599.

Has Nick Cage blown through his fortune of an estimated $150 million? Rumors are flying that the star is selling off his prized items because he is broke.

The famous Nick Cage Ferrari 599 is one of just 33 built and ended up in Vancouver, BC. The special Ferrari has some bespoke features, carbon fiber everywhere, ceramics and more. Cage shelled out an extra $40k for the HGTE package, which adds to its wow factor. Cage has long collected rare Ferrari cars, and it is up for speculation why he would be willing to let a special Ferrari 599 like this lady go. Is Cage going broke or does he just want to change up his collection? read more