Check Out the One-Off Lamborghini Sogna from 1994

Lamborghini Sogna

This one-off Lamborghini was first shown at the 1991 Geneva Motor Show. The final version is what you see below, a 1994 Lamborghini Sogna. While plans for production ended up being a pipe dream, at least this one exists. It was inspired by the Lamborghini Countach, which reigned from 1974-1990.

The 1994 version rolled out at the Essen Motor Show

The designer was Ryoji Yamazaki of Japan. Yamazaki had an affinity for all things fast from a young age. That passion grew and at just 41 years old, he owned his own design studio (Art & Tech) where the Sogna was developed. I like the profile and rear, but cannot decide how to wrap my mind around the front. It is certainly unique and had the advantage of looking modern before its time. read more

Lamborghini V12 Pregunta Roadster

Lamborghini V12 Pregunta Roadster

The Lamborghini V12 Pregunta Roadster was the last model produced before the brand was taken over by Audi. Some consider the Pregunta to be the last ‘true’ Lamborghini, though the introduction of the Lamborghini Veneno at this year’s Geneva Motor Show could certainly be an argument for that view.

The Lamborghini Pregunta is a very special one-off supercar commissioned specifically for a client craving a Lamborghini that held a Diablo chassis and would be impossible to confuse with the shape of any existing vehicle. The result was an aerospace-influenced hypercar boasting carbon fiber bodywork before it became common. It even has the same paint used on French fighter jets and fiber optic lighting cues. High-tech rear-view cameras replace the need for mirrors and it packs a GPS system, both of which were far from commonplace in 1998. read more