Go Big or Go Home? The Toyota C-HR Concept Has a Unique Look

Toyota C-HR concept

That vision in purple is the Toyota C-HR concept. The company is touting her as the subcompact crossover of the future. The vehicle will make a debut at the 2014 Paris Auto Show on October 2nd, where onlookers will get up-close and personal with it and then shed more light on the strange new animal.

The Toyota C-HR concept takes a few minutes to sink in. It is certainly a different approach to an SUV, and that color! Will it ever become popular?

The official details and specifications for the Toyota C-HR SUV will remain under wraps until the show. At this juncture, we have only these purple renderings to judge. It looks a bit like a Yaris blended with a Beetle and then forced itself onto an SUV chassis. It is quite a lot to take in and make sense of. It is not terrible, but some design aspects just do not seem to feel…right. For example, those dramatically oversized tail lamps are cool, just maybe on a different vehicle. read more