Why You May Be Selling the Ferrari FF Short

Ferrari FF

There is more to love about the Ferrari FF than there is to loathe, with those who have a distaste for the machine focusing on the outward shooting brake appearance. While the exterior is a turn-off to some, it is difficult to find fault with the power components and performance capacity of the Ferrari FF. It can not only equal other V12 supercars, it can surpass most thanks to a few intricate features that others lack.

Call it a hot hatch, a shooting brake or a rather sophisticated family car–the Ferrari FF is a rival to many with superior power. Though she may look different from her siblings, the FF still drives very much like a Ferrari supercar, with the added advantage of the ability to take on various weather conditions like snow and ice! Try doing that in a Ferrari 458 Italia or a California. It is simply not common for a V12 supercar to have the capacity to drive in all-weather conditions, making this specimen a special one, indeed. read more