Luxury Restaurant or Not? Taiwan’s Modern Toilet Restaurant

You did not misread the headline, I did say “Restaurant” and “Toilet” in the same sentence.  This is a luxury concept restaurant that serves up edible excrement, that is, dinner served up in a decidedly dumpy way!Modern Toilet Restaurant

Diners at the Modern Toilet are seated on acrylic toilets, with the lid down of course.  The toilet seats are stenciled with images of seashells, roses or Renaissance paintings, to add a touch of class.

Children and students love this theme restaurant, as well as adults still in-tune with their inner-child.  So why all the fuss?  How would you like to perch yourself on a decorative toilet, and be served curry in a toilet shaped plate under the ambiance of poop-shaped lighting fixtures?  It is a child’s dream, diarrhea for dinner.  

Everyone dines at a glass table, fitted with a sink underneath.  Dishes are placed on a mini-toilet bowl, which adds convenience, as the dish is closer to your mouth.  No magazine racks are required, as the inventive entrees and drinks are the entertainment.

 Drinks are served in a mini-urinal, which then becomes a souvenir.   Dinner at Modern Toilet is wrapped up with a special dessert, ice cream served over a paper squatty (Squat holes are predominant in China, as opposed to Western toilets).

Dishes available include curries, pastas, Mongolian hot pot, chicken dishes and more, all designed to resemble various forms of human waste.  The shaved-ice desserts are intricate, featuring names that demand attention, such as “diarrhea with dried droppings” (chocolate), “Bloody poop (strawberry), or “Green dysentery” (kiwi).   For the faint of heart, there are folding chairs and regular cutlery available…butt where is the fun in that?  You likely do not need to valet a fancy luxury rental car to fit in here.

Modern Toilet is the brainchild of owner Wang Zi-wei, a 29-year-old former banker.  The inspiration for the theme restaurant was drawn from a Japanese robot cartoon character, Jichiwawa, who had a thing for playing with excrement on a stick.   Wang then began selling chocolate ice cream swirls on paper squat toilets, and following their success decided to open an entire restaurant in 2004.

Modern Toilet now has seven locations in Taiwan, one in Hong Kong, and more coming to China, Macau, Kuala Lumper, Malaysia and Shenzhen.  You could deduce that the Modern Toilet is certainly a royal flush, with the distinctive smell of success!



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