Take Your Luxury Car to the Track

Own a luxury car and ache to realize its full potential?  Take it to the track!  It is absolutely astounding how many drivers and owners (yes, you may also try a luxury rental car at a track) fail to realize that they can take their dream machines to an actual racetrack and enjoy them in their element.

So now that we all know that you do not have to be a famous racecar driver to hit the track, let’s talk about why it is awesome.  First off, there is nowhere else that enables a driver to pick up advanced skills moreRichard Petty Driving Experience Jared safely and rapidly.

On a racetrack, you can (legally) obtain a feel for what your luxury car is actually capable of, in a controlled environment that provides more safety.  Perhaps long ago it was acceptable to carve into the side of a mountain with your bitch-fast car, as there was less traffic, law enforcement, and punishments, but now it is advised against.  So a smoke-signal to my fellow driving enthusiasts to take your performance cars to the track is in order!

On-track events for driving enthusiasts can be found through your favorite motorsport companies, depending who is hosting an event.  You may also contact specific racetracks to inquire their process for novice drivers using the track. 

If you find the idea of driving on a track intimidating, know that the rewards outweigh the effort it takes to get your car on a track!  You will receive expert advice to improve your visual habits, reaction times, and ability to know the limits and handling of your car.  With all the benefits, why not take a few laps with a master instructor?

Before you decide to hit the track, always make sure your car is prepared.  For example, have your brakes and tires inspected and know that driving on the track is going to strain them faster than regular roads will.  For that reason you will need your car inspected before and after your glorious track time.

Do not have your own?  Try a luxury rental car to take to the track and pick up skills!  You may also enter the Ferrari Challenge with a Ferrari rental, but please practice beforehand if you plan to rent one of ours!  May I recommend the Richard Petty Driving Experience?  Follow link to see our Jared tearing it up Richard Petty style!




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