The Art of Bugatti Show

Fans of the brand can soon experience a rare glimpse into the famously creative Bugatti family. The Art of Bugatti show will open at the prestigious Mullin Automotive Museum in Oxnard, California in spring of 2014. This collection will feature Bugatti cars and an interesting grouping of family artifacts, drawings, art and unexpected items. The exhibit is intended to show the Bugatti family’s focus on the automobile as art while showcasing their distinct impact on the industry over the decades.

Art of Bugatti show

One of the most extensive collections of Bugatti automobiles and family artifacts is hitting California this spring. 

The Art of Bugatti exhibit will be the largest private collection of family pieces ever assembled and should not be missed if you are in the area!

Art of Bugatti show

The Bugatti Veyron designed by Bernar Venet featured the very equations used during the engineering process.

The Art of Bugatti exhibit at a glance:

  • More than 50 pieces of furniture
  • Paintings by Bugatti family patriarch Carlo Bugatti and granddaughter Lydia
  • Sculptures by his son, Rembrandt. The ability to create art certainly ran deep in this family!
  • A fleet of cars created by Ettore and Jean Bugatti.
  • The overall exhibit will include: 20th century carriages, an early Brescia racecar, Types 35, 37, and 51, the Fiacre, Atlantic Coupe, Type 41 Royale, Type 57 C Aravis and Atlantic
  • There will also be raw examples from the Schlumpf Reserve Collection on display. Some are not restored. To culminate the trip down memory lane, shiny new prototypes and the blistering Bugatti Veyron will be there.


Art of Bugatti show

Can’t make it to California for this spectacular show? No worries—after the show ends, some pieces will become part of a collection that will travel to a few select museums and venues around the world.

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