The Bentley SUV: What Makes it Better?

Bentley is entering the luxury SUV arena with its over-the-top EXP 9F concept. The Bentley SUV concept was revealed at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show and met with mixed reviews, as most unexpected models are. The brand stated that it has gauged the market conditions and decided to move forward with production. But what makes this luxury SUV stand out over others? That would be over-the-top and unexpected amenities…aside from the obvious appearance.

 Bentley SUV

The Bentley badge is synonymous with the ultimate in upscale. To remain true to brand identity, the Bentley SUV experience boasts all of the expected amenities along with the following indulgences:

  • Reclining rear seating
  • Very spacious interior
  • Powered footrests
  • Rear champagne chiller
  • Beverage table (in the rear cabin, of course)
  • Split tailgate with built-in picnic baskets and awning
  • The exterior holds true to brand styling cues, but certainly looks a bit crazy in SUV form. It is something that will take some getting used to.

 Bentley SUV

Bentley has not released official specifications for the emerging SUV. The EXP 9F concept featured a Bentley 6.0-liter W12 engine and AWD. The actual production version could be fitted with a newer Bentley engine or perhaps even hybrid technology by that time.

 Bentley SUV

Bentley CEO Wolfgang Schreiber made the following statement regarding the release of an SUV: “This is fantastic news for Bentley and for the UK. Bentley is increasingly successful and this new fourth model line will leverage the success of the global SUV market. The support of everyone involved with the Company has been fundamental to this decision, which will ensure sustainable growth for the company.”

 Bentley SUV

We can expect the Bentley SUV out as early as 2016. Bentley is investing approximately $1.2 billion dollars into its Crewe, UK headquarters to jump start the production process.

Geely Englon

This is the Geely Englon…where did it draw its inspiration? The Chinese concept was shown on the same floor as Bentley’s EXP 9F, which must have been awkward! 


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