The Most Expensive Private Jets Provide a High

When it comes to expensive toys, exotic sports cars, superyachts and private jets tend to take the cake in the pricing arena. The following are among the most expensive private jets in the world, fitted with every amenity and a price tag to match!

There are some out there who only need to use a private jet charter or exotic car rental company when they are too far from their own fleets. 

Most expensive private jets

3. The Gulfstream G550 owned by Lakshmi Mittal. This $38 million dollar private jet is a variation of the Gulfstream V with an extended range of 12,500 km. It is powered by twin Rolls Royce motors and hits up to 51,000 feet. This craft can transport 19 passengers and two crew in the lap of supreme luxury at speeds of up to 675 miles per hour. So…lunch in Paris and Dinner in Boston? Not a problem when you own a private jet.

most expensive private jets

2. The Airbus ACJ 319 owned by Vijay Mallya. This $40 million dollar gem suits its owner’s noted flamboyant lifestyle by serving as both a business and pleasure craft. The usual trimmings and also 6,000 cubic feet of living space for its frequent flying owner. It accommodates up to 24 passengers and even has removable fuel tanks to extend its range. It is powered by two CFM International CFM56-5 engines. Mallya owns a fleet of private jets, including a Boeing 727, a Hawker and the Airbus.

most expensive private jets

1. The Boeing Business Jet 2 owned by Mukesh Ambani. This is a $73 million dollar aircraft capable of achieving mach 0.82. Gulp. It boasts a boardroom with lavish seating, living quarters and every modern technology imaginable. Ambani also owns the most expensive home, named Antilla, valued at $1 billion dollars.


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