Top 10 Celebrities We Are Holding a Free Luxury Rental Car For

I bet these celebs wish they could get behind the wheel of one of our cars, and now they can.  For free.  Well, almost free.  We would, of course, want a video testimonial expressing how badass it was to peel through South Beach in one of our sumptuous luxury cars. 

So, will the real celebs please stand up, and take us up on our offer?  Sit down Kayne, we will let you finish later.

1.   LeBron James
2.   Ashton Kutcher
3.   Brad Pitt
4.   Tiger Woods
5.   Megan Fox
6.   Justin Timberlake
7.    Ellen Degeneres
8.    Cameron Diaz
9.    Perez Hilton
10.  Guy Kawasaki


LeBron James has just made the big decision to join Miami Heat this season, and we have mentioned before that we are holding some special luxury car rentals just for him, though he has yet to take us up on our offer.  Welcome to Miami, LeBron!

Ashton Kutcher would be awesome to encounter, and we really wish he would use one (or more) of our luxury rental cars Miami for one of his infamous pranks!  C’mon Ash, don’t be a punk!  Love watching him do that.

Up next is Brad Pitt.  I am aware that he is now viewed as a pair, but we just want the solitary Brad Pitt, the raw material.  Sorry Angelina Jolie, but a luxury car rental is no place for smashed French fries and spoiled milk.  I can see Brad plowing through the streets of South Beach in a car as hot as he is, it would heat up even Miami!  I just watched his old movie ‘Kalifornia’ the other day, and realized all over again how talented he truly is.

Tiger Woods is also gracing our list of celebs that we are offering free luxury car rentals.  I feel like it would be fun to see Tiger and Ludacris riding along together through South Beach, with Luda’s new track playing “I come out swingin, like Tiger Wood’s wife!” …ok, he likely will not go for that.  But Tiger should go for one of our luxury SUV rentals next time he is down for some golf, we can hook him up nicely.Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals

Megan Fox.  The answer to this is simple:  It is Megan Fox.  Who wouldn’t want to see this Fox behind the wheel of a luxury car rental like a red hot Ferrari F430 Spider?  Megan, it is free, we will do anything for you…please love us! 

Justin Timberlake is next because the boy is on fire.  Everything he touches seems to scorch, and our exotic rental cars would be no different.  Hey Justy, we will give you ‘Four Minutes’ to show us some ‘Summer Love’.  (You know that was funny).

Ellen Degeneres.  Hands down one of the best people out there, down for humanity and in possession of an actual personality!  Hey Ellen, while ours are not nearly as hot as yours, you are welcome to try out one of our Porsche rentals, or any other luxury car you like!  You may even bring Portia, and let her drive the Porsche, too!  I think Ellen’s video testimonial would be bursting with awesomeness.

Cameron Diaz is sneaky.  She appears to be a girly-girl, but we all know she is just an awesome boy trapped in a really hot body.  I would like to challenge Cameron to choose one of our luxury rental rides and create a funny and original video testimonial with it.  There is just something about this girl…and Mary.

Perez Hilton.  Not to be confused with the other Paris Hilton, we welcome Perez to test out a luxury rental car of his choosing, and feel more confident that he would remain sober or be smart enough to opt for a chauffeur.  I also would love to read what Perez would write in his celebrity blog about experiencing South Beach in one of our rides.  Perez, LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog (  Give us a call, Perez, let’s do this, you know you wanna.

Last but certainly not least we invite Guy Kawasaki to drive one of our hot car rentals for free.  We love Guy, and we love Apple.  Enough said.

So to the above-mentioned celebs, we hope that you take us up on our offer, there is something special about all of you.   Notice we did not offer a free car rental to Lindsay Lohan…I think she has received her Burn Notice from society.  Speaking of, the cast of Burn Notice would be welcome to drive our fleet of luxury rental cars, too!  We are in fact, neighbors.  It would just be the neighborly thing to do.





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