Top 10 Famous Ferraris to Hit the Big and Small Screens

Ferris Bueller FerrariTo launch our official “Ferrari Week”, we at Imagine Lifestyles want to revisit some of the famous Ferraris that have entertained and awed us on both the small and big screen.  We hope you enjoy this trip down the fast, er…memory lane with us.

1.    Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  The red 1961 250 GT California Spyder appeared in the blockbuster “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” in 1986, and has since been referred to as the “Ferris Bueller Ferrari”.  This exotic Ferrari made its debut in Geneva in 1960, replacing the LWB California Spyder with an SWB version.  The record selling price for a 250 GT Ferrari was set in 2008, when a black 1961 SWB that had been owned by “The Magnificent Seven” star James Coburn sold for approximately $5.5 million. 

2.    Scent of a Woman.  It is difficult to forget the red Ferrari Mondial featured in the hit movie “Scent of a Woman”, as it is driven down city streets by a blind Al Pacino.  The scene is so startling and amusing that it has become ingrained in the minds of more than just Ferrari fans that have seen it.  The Ferrari Mondail was produced by the company from 1980 through 1993, replacing the angular 208/308 GT4 Ferraris.  The Mondial was produced in relatively high volume for Ferrari, who distributed about 6,800 of them in the 13-year run, making it one of the most affordable and useable Ferrari models in the history of the brand. Scent of a Woman Ferrari Mondial

3.     Magnum P.I. The red 308 Ferrari driven by Tom Selleck in the hit series “Magnum P.I.” became as famous as the series, which ran from 1980-1988 on CBS.  The Ferrari was the perfect choice of wheels, as it was an action series featuring Thomas Magnum, a private investigator working security for the Hawaiian estate of a wealthy Robin Masters.  And everyone knows Ferraris are perfect warm weather luxury rides.  Tom Selleck may be made fun of on popular shows such as “South Park” these days, but no one is mocking the amazing 308 Ferrari. 

4.    Miami Vice.  Everyone knows that a good undercover cop needs toys, and that is why Don Johnson’s character on Miami Vice was befitted with exotic cars, clothes and boats by the Miami-Dade Police Department to protect his cover.  In the first two seasons, Sonny Crockett (Don Johnson) sports a black Ferrari Daytona Spyder 365 GTS/4.  In reality, it was a Corvette modified with Ferrari-inspired body panels and interior components.  The popular series was gaining Ferrari much attention, so much that they actually donated a more noteworthy white Testarossa to the show to adequately represent their brand.  I imagine it was an exciting day on the set when that took place.

5.    National Lampoons Vacation.  Ahh Chevy Chase.  The scene in National Lampoon’s Vacation where model Christie Brinkley drives a red Ferrari 308 GTS is the most memorable because it blended the exotic car brand with one of the most successful supermodels of that time, creating the ultimate in exotic temptation for poor Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase).

6.    Entourage.  More current in the Ferrari fame connection is the series “Entourage”, wherein lead character Vince is playing Enzo Ferrari-very cool.  The recently released Ferrari California graces the small screen in a flashy red, and is one of the first to hit U.S. soil.

7.    The Rock.  One of the best car chase scenes to hit the big screen occurred in “The Rock”, where Sean Connery in a black Humvee and Nicholas Cage in a yellow 1996 Ferrari F355 Spyder tear up the streets, and eventually the F355 Spyder as well.  The memorable car chase ends when the F355 is demolished in a fiery vehicle sandwich and a punk kid on the street says to Cage, “Dude, they just f***** up your Ferrari”. Weird Science Kelly LeBrock

8.    Weird Science.  The Ferrari Mondial made another big screen debut in the uber-popular 80s flick “Weird Science”.  The red 1984 Ferrari Mondial featured in the movie was a product of the delicious superpowers of Kelly LeBrock, a sexy Frankenstein of sorts created by two disgruntled and unpopular teens.  With Kelly’s help, the two teens are catapulted into popularity, and are soon throwing the best parties and driving exotic sports cars.

9.    Cannon Ball Run.  Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin shine in this film, paired as drunken priests and barreling along in a 308 GTS Ferrari.  It would seem that the 308 GTS was quite the hot commodity in the 80s!

10.    Gone in 60 Seconds.  Nicholas Cage certainly seems to enjoy filming with Ferraris, as he is caught again in the movie “Gone in 60 Seconds”.  In the scene, Cage and Angelina Jolie hotwire and make off with a Ferrari 550 Maranello. 

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