Top 10 Restaurants with Views That Could Kill an Appetite

Top 10 restaurants with views that could kill an appetite: 

fTop 10 restaurants with viewsCaldera in Santorini, Greece. Idyllic panoramic views of Greece with tables situated to actually interact with those around you—the true cultural experience.

Top 10 restaurants with viewsRistorante Grotta Palazzese in Puglia, Italy. This looks like something out of a movie. Imagine the raw sensory overload here–from the crashing of the sea to the jagged ominous looking cliffs. It seems like sea birds would be an issue here.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in Rangali Island, MaldivesIthaa Undersea Restaurant in Rangali Island, Maldives. Here is one for those who want to enjoy the aquarium during dinner, uninterrupted by the joyful screeches of surrounding offspring.

Top 10 restaurants with viewsSkyline Restaurant in Queenstown, New Zealand. New Zealand offers unparalleled views of mountains and sea–think of it as Hawaii without that whole tropical vibe.

Le Panoramic in Chamonix, France

Le Panoramic in Chamonix, France. This is not a dining spot for those squeamish about altitude. The surrounding snow capped mountains and open air setup would certainly be a fresh approach to any occasion.

The Grotto in Krabi, Thailand

The Grotto in Krabi, Thailand. Let the sand tickle your toes in this adorably quaint beachside selection.

El Farallon in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

El Farallon in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The ambiance and sea seem to be the stars of the show here, hopefully the culinary offerings are equal.

Altitude at Shangri-La in Sydney, Australia

Altitude at Shangri-La in Sydney, Australia. Incredible views of ships in this Aussie port offer a whimsical backdrop for dinner.

Fangweng in Yichang, ChinaFangweng in Yichang, China. Here is another cliffhanger! If you have an iron stomach, there is likely an iron chef with a variety of intriguing options.

The Rock in Zanzibar, Tanzania

The Rock in Zanzibar, Tanzania. A tiny spot offering…you guessed it…seafood!

While some of these are not necessarily scary, some are capable of turning the tables on the weak. Could you stomach the most extreme of these restaurants? Share your opinion with us on Facebook!

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