Top 10 Things to Experience in Hawaii

Hawaii is a dream destination for a plethora of travel and beach-loving souls.  So I have decided to compile a list of helpful travel tips for my readers and fans that are considering a visit to the string of some of the most beautiful and versatile islands in the United States!

1.    Take a private helicopter tour over Kauai
2.    See the active volcano Kilauea on the Big Island
3.    Shop and enjoy Waikiki’s international cuisine
4.    Snorkel and dive in Molokini
5.    Catamaran cruise and whale watch
6.    See Hawaii’s Grand Canyon, named Waimea, on Kauai
7.    Get sporty on Maui’s Haleakala Mountain
8.    Immerse in the local culture at a Polynesian Luau
9.    Get like Tiger Woods at any of Hawaii’s world-class golf courses
10.  Soak in the sun at Hawaii’s pristine and unique beaches
Private Helicopter Charter


Helicopter charter over Kauai.  Kauai is a stunner, and seeing it from an aerial perspective is a cool experience.  You can get the full effect of the mountains and the sea.  Why a helicopter charter?  Because approximately 80% of Kauai is inaccessible on foot! 

Visit Kilauea volcano.  Located on the Big Island, Kilauea attracts hoards of visitors annually.  While I normally steer clear of what I consider “touristy” spots, this one is a must.  I suppose things to do not get the touristy title for nothing; they must be astounding in some measure.  Anyway, this is one of the woKilauea Volcano Hawaiirld’s most active volcanoes, and has been erupting since January of 1983!

Kilauea is still in the process of creating new land on the Big Island!  You are essentially witnessing the birth of new land, seeing the lava tubes, ancient Hawaiian petroglyphs and vistas. 

Waikiki’s dining and shopping options.  Not everyone is looking for a sporty or touristy trip to Hawaii.  Some people are simply looking to shop and experience new dining options, you know, a little luxury.  Luxury is what I do best, and Waikiki definitely delivers an eclectic mix of options for both shopping and culinary creations island style!  Drive up to a luxury 5 star restaurant in a luxury rental car.  Here you can find dishes with inspiration from China, Japan, Korea, America and Europe, all interwoven to create innovative and unforgettable dishes.   Did I mention that all veggies, fruits, herbs and seafood are fresh from Hawaii?  It is a ‘foodie’s’ dream!

Snorkel Molokini.  This is Hawaii’s most sought after snorkeling site, as the waters of Molokini are consistently clear and populated with gorgeous marine life!  Here you can experience clarity and visibility ranging from 80-200 feet.  Outstanding!

Whale-watching catamaran cruise.  Hawaii’s waters are teeming with humpback whales in the winter months, as they migrate down from Alaska for warmer waters.  Seeing them breech is an awe-inspiring experience.  You could also opt for a motor yacht charter, to get up close and personal with the gorgeous whales, but not disturb them.

See Hawaii’s Grand Canyon, Waimea Canyon.  Located in western Kauai is the Waimea Canyon, also known as the Pacific Grand Canyon (nicknamed by Mark Twain).  It is within Koke’e State Park.  This immense Waimea Canyon Hawaiicanyon reaches depths of over 3,600 feet, slicing through the landscape and painting it with vivid natural colors.  Words do not describe the natural beauty bestowed upon the island here.

Kick it up a notch at Haleakala.  Hawaii’s Haleakala is one of the world’s largest mountains.  It is also a dormant volcano.  At more than 3,000 feet above sea level, there are nature trails to hike and bike, for the active traveler. 
There is also a crater 7 miles long and 2 miles wide, an exhilarating sight to see.  Recommended times to visit for the full effect are sunrise and sunset.

Experience a Polynesian Luau.  While this seems like a given, an authentic Polynesian Luau is a must to immerse in Hawaiian culture.   This exotic celebration includes South Pacific cuisine, history, music, dance and culture.   You will be immersed via all senses:  sight, sound, scent and taste.  Just remember tPolynesian Luau Hawaiio never ask for condiments, you should dine the way the locals do, eating what is served to you the way it is served (otherwise you are considered rude).

Indulge in Hawaii’s golf courses.  During your downtime from experiencing all Hawaii has to offer, don’t forget to make tee time at one of the State’s many world-class golf courses!  The views are spectacular, and a new course is always a new challenge.  Besides, how will you ever beat Tiger Woods if you do not practice?  And by beat I do not mean with a 9-iron, just to be clear.

Hawaii’s beaches.  This tip is a given, I know.  As an island destination, Hawaii offers some of the most beautiful mountain and Ocean views.  Remember to speak to your travel agent about which beaches offer what, because all of Hawaii’s beaches are drastically different.  If you have a family, there are some Hawaiian beaches with calmer waters, and if you want surfing, you will want to know where you can find the best waves!


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