Top 5 Priciest Restaurants in Asia

Expensive restaurants in Asia are thriving, growing almost exponentially, which is quite a thrill to the culinary circuit and “foodies” of the world.

Some of the most exclusive and expensive (although that does not always translate to “good”) dishes can be found on the exotic continent, with unique twists and style.  The top 5 most expensive restaurants and items in Asia are as follows:

1.    Mezzaluna, Bangkok
2.    Aragawa, Tokyo
3.    Mibu, Tokyo
4.    Kitcho, Tokyo
5.    Krug Room, Mandrian Oriental Hotel, Hong Kong

Mezzaluna.  Bangkok’s Mezzaluna is among the priciest posh restaurant in Asia, having sold a 10-course meal for $30,000 in 2007.  This was one of the most expensive meals ever served in any restaurant, and was painstakingly prepared by six three-star Michelin chefs.  It was a charity function, costing over $30,000 per plate.  That would be a lot to swallow, but it was for a good cause, which makes it savory.

Madagascar Chocolate Cake at Mezzaluna BangkokMezzaluna also boasts one of the most expensive dessert menus in the world, including the “Madagascar” chocolate cake with Moet tres fine Champagne No. 7, coming in at $625.  There is also a Louis Roderer Cristal Brut 2000 Champagne sherbet.  Tasty.

Aragawa.  Up next is Aragawa in Tokyo, serving up some seriously expensive slices of sought-after Kobe beef.  At nearly $800 per pound, this beef is a delicacy.  Kobe is the king of marbleized meats, though Aragawa could use a bit of an upgrade.  It is located in the dark basement of an office building, with barely an entrance. 

There is no pretense, no fluff, and from what I hear no music.  Just the raw basic famed item, the tender and tantalizing Kobe beef that will cost you.  In Japan, there are several exclusive restaurants that require an introduction to garner a reservation, I assume this is similar in principle.

Mibu.  Mibu is located in the Giza district of Tokyo, and is featured in the Miele Guide.  There are exclusiveLuxury Restaurants Asia outlets in this luxury restaurant that are open only to members and their friends, placing it among the uber exclusive and expensive restaurants in Asia. 

You won’t find Mibu listed in any phone book, or tour guide, and even some Japanese people cannot make a reservation.  Even members are only allowed to dine at Mibu once per month, with no more than seven guests.  This is due to the fact that the restaurant seats just 8, and the party is served by the owner and his wife. 

The couple pays special attention to the four seasons, using the best authentic and extremely fresh ingredients in their unique dishes.  The owner is 67-year-old Hiroshi Ishida, and as for exactly how much a typical meal will set you back at Mibu, good luck getting in!

Kitcho.  Same story with Kitcho, ultra exclusive and invitation only.  I have heard this is among the absolute priciest restaurants.  Only a select few have the opportunity to dine on the exotic delicacies and delectable offerings of this elusive Asian luxury restaurant.  Reviews of those who experience it are always inspiring, yet always leave out the actual price tag.  No worries, our final destination has a few quirky tricks up its apron.

Krug Room.  The Krug Room is located with Hong Kong’s Mandarin Oriental hotel, and is around $256 per person.  It is a truly unique environment, with just 12 seats nestled in the heart of the kitchKrug Room Hong Kongen.  Diners are actually guided through the back door to enter. There is no set menu at Krug Room, the chefs decide and diners are treated to a symphony of 10-15 course meals that I can’t imagine they would complain over.

What is so impressive about Krug Room?  The Executive Chef is Uwe Opocensky, formerly of “El Bulli”, which topped Restaurant Magazine’s Pellegrino “World’s Best Restaurants” list a record five times. 

The popular dish in late 2009 was his “Forgotten Beef”, designed to appear severely overcooked.  This is a play on a childhood memory of a dish forgotten in the oven, yet much tastier. Forgotten Beef is Miyazaki beef cooked exquisitely, then coated with a layer of powdered smoked eggplant skin and edible charcoal.  This dish sounds inventive and delicious!
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