Top 3 Reasons Miami Will Surprise You

Miami Beach Florida Luxury Vacation

A trendy, stylish urban oasis, when people hear the word “Miami”, they often envision celebrities, nightclubs, beaches and mayhem (think Vegas with a coastline).  While an amount of that does occur, the city is often a surprise for those who are visiting Miami and Miami’s famed South Beach for the first time.

Reason #1:  The beaches are not overcrowded

You see, Miami is quite well-rounded, as is South Florida as a whole.  In fact, there are considerable expanses of beachline that are attractively devoid of other people, making them a surprising discovery for the virgin traveler.  There is nothing quite like the South Florida coastline, the marbled turquoise and cobalt hues invite your eyes to soak and your mind to revitalize.

Reason#2:  Culture

Next, think international.  Everywhere you turn, you find yourself immersed in a plethora of cultures:  Spanish, Latin, Portuguese, French, German, Italian and more.  People from all over the planet love to live in South Florida, and to vacation here regularly.  What this makes for is a multiplicity of divine dishes, exhilarating entertainment options, and the ability to shop for unique pieces that will leave your friends begging to know where on earth you found them (Shhh!…we won’t tell either).

Reason#3:  You Probably Will Not Run Into Will Smith

Though there are so many Dominican women with cinnamon tans, it is unlikely that you are going to personally run into Will Smith; Miami is his just his second home (if you are curious, the Smiths live in L.A.).  Will was definitely correct with his facts though, the water is so clear you can see to the bottom, and hundred thousand dollar cars, everybody got em’.  Many celebrities venture here to escape in our low-key, beachy atmosphere, because while there are plenty of luxurious property rentals and exotic car rentals in South Beach, it is also nice to feel off the radar and relax.  Welcome to Miami…sorry, couldn’t help myself…:)