Top 5 Best Exotic Sports Cars For Your Money From the Experts

We at Imagine Lifestyles have an advantage on our competitors (if you care to grace them with that title)…while most place their automotive existence on the fact that they specialize specifically on one brand; we have the distinct advantage of owning them all.

Yes.  We literally own and drive most exotic car brands.  Every new model that manages to burst from “concept” to “manufacture” status, we experience and judge first-hand.  And while most never make it to a slot in our exclusive exotic rental car fleet, they often make an impression on us, and many of our fans.

So without further ado, here are the top 5 best exotic sports cars you can buy (currently, of course) for your money:

1.     Ferrari F430 Spider
2.     Bentley GTC
3.     Lamborghini LP-640 Roadster
4.     Aston Martin DB9
5.     Ferrari California

We are often invited to the introduction of new luxury cars, and the anniversary edition debuts of old ones.   Because Imagine Lifestyles buys, sells and rents such a high volume of exotic cars from every manufacturer, we have established ourselves as a source of expertise for all that is luxury.  So let’s get down to specs.Ferrari F430 Spider

Ferrari F430 Spider.  This is an amazingly refreshing addition to the Ferrari family.  We just received delivery of our brand new Ferrari F430 Spider rental last month.  This 4.3-liter intimidator packs a V8 capable of unleashing 483 prancing ponies, hitting the 0-60 mark in about 3.5 seconds (of course its coupe predecessor is a pinch faster).  Ours is Ferrari red with tan leather interior, with a crisp birth certificate and begging to be driven.

Bentley GTC.  The chic and sophisticated Bentley line has definitely been enhanced by the addition of the GTC.  This model also marks the first convertible for the luxe company.  Do not be fooled by the bulk, this beast pulls it’s weight-hitting the 0-60 mark in 4.8 seconds. Engineering genius meets unsurpassed class in this timeless beauty.  This is a touring convertible boasting a twin-turbo charged W12 engine, capable of hitting 195 miles per hour.  Act like you are unimpressed.

Lamborghini LP-640 Roadster.  This exotic beauty did not make #1, because this is a powerful car who requires the right place to exercise its potential.  Yet it still slices through hearts with those scissor doors, and the 6.5-liter V12 engine does not hurt.  The classic Ferrari lines look fresh in white, a jump from the classic “Ferrari red”.

Aston Martin DB9.  For the James Bonds out there who embrace the “jet set” lifestyle, the DB9 convertible is an exhilarating option for your money.  It is the topless rendering of the DB9 coupe.  The sporty luxury car features an exceptionally chic hardtop, which drops in 17 seconds with the flip of a switch. The DB9 Volante conFerrari California 2009vertible upholds the aesthetic brand appeal and distinct driving experience fans have come to expect from Aston Martin.

Ferrari California.  The innovative hardtop convertible that is the Ferrari California is turning heads.  The all-aluminum luxury car is also the first Ferrari ever to feature a mid-front position engine mount.   This is a new, fun and fast exotic car for your money, and the aesthetics are amazing.  As for speed, this hot car can hit the 0-60 mark under 4.0 seconds.  The Ferrari California also features the F1-Trac traction control system, first introduced in the 599 GTB Fiorano.

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