Top 5 Chicago Health Clubs

Top 5 Health Clubs in Chicago

Just because winter is coming does not mean Chicagoans should all start eating fried food and become lazy.  Staying in shape is a year-round commitment and should not be crammed into the first few weeks of spring to get that swimsuit figure back for summertime.  Chicago provides its residents with numerous ways to stay in shape year round.  Whether you choose to hire a personal trainer, bare the elements and run outside, or join a local gym there really is no excuse for putting on pounds this winter.  Even if you look good driving one of our Chicago exotic rental cars make sure you look just as good when you get out.  Lets take a look at our five favorite gyms here in Chicago.

1. Equinox

2. Fitness Formula Clubs

3. East Bank Club

4. Lakeshore Sport and Fitness

5. David Barton Gym

1.) Equinox (4 Chicago Locations) A Chicago staple for gym rats, Equinox has four convenient locations throughout Chicago and offers individual gym passes or access to all four.  With all the standard features of most gyms, Equinox also offers personal trainers, group fitness classes, yoga classes, a spa, a shop for workout gear, as well as a juice and snack bar.  Sign up for pilates class before you hit the weights, then head down to the spa to relax before heading home and never leave the gym.  If you are feeling sore after a rough workout, schedule a massage and grab a protein shake for the road.  Equinox has it all under one roof and the gyms are located in great spots around the city.


2) Fitness Formula Clubs(9 Chicagoland Locations) With 9 locations scattered around the city and the suburbs, there is absolutely no excuse for missing a workout at one of the fabulous FFC clubs here in Chicago.  Take advantage of the membership benefits offered here as they are some of the most extensive you will find at any gym.  From nutritional plans to stretching routines pre and post-workout, the staff at FFC will accommodate any request big or small.  Combine that with state of the art amenities and that swimsuit shape will remain intact all winter long.

3) East Bank Club (500 N. Kingsbury Street) Want to be seen more than you want to work out?  This is the place to be for all of the socialite gym rats that are more concerned with their newest Nike outfit than they are about proper form for doing squats.  What other gym have you been to that has a full scale bar and outdoor pool deck that looks more like the W South Beach than it does a workout facility.  Don’t get us wrong, Imagine Lifestyles loves to have a good time but we like to keep the nightlife and gym separate.  If you have the self-will to hit the weights each visit, the facilities are top of the line and the staff is extremely helpful.  However, if you are easily distracted we might suggest the YMCA if you truly do want to focus on your workouts.

4) Lakeshore Sport and Fitness (2 Locations) Looking for some different ways to stay in shape this winter and have no desire to run on the treadmill or lift weights?  This gym offers a number of outside the box ways to stay in shape.  Tennis courts, squash courts, basketball, and a climbing wall are just a few of the amenities offered at Lakeshore Sport and Fitness here in Chicago.  All of your traditional workout equipment is also available and they do offer personal training sessions as well as group workout classes.  They also have an extensive offering of kid’s classes so you can essentially workout while your kids enjoy the day care facilities.


5) David Barton Gym(600 W. Chicago) Arguably the sleekest gym in Chicago, the architecture and decoration here will make you think you are walking into a nightclub or swank restaurant until you see the free weights scattered around the space.  Located right on the Chicago River, the David Barton gym has over 30,000 SF of workout space available.  With state of the art equipment and knowledgeable staff, this is the perfect spot for someone who is ready and dedicated to getting in excellent physical shape.

Chicago has quite the reputation for obesity and laziness, two very unappealing characteristics for any city to claim.  Take advantage of the incredible gyms scattered around the city and take control of your health and your well being.  Workouts are great for relieving stress and gyms are now becoming great social spots to meet people with similar interests.  Don’t sit at home on the couch all winter long, take advantage of the sign-up specials at a gym today and be ready for spring before it gets here in 2011.  Once you get the body in check, contact Imagine Lifestyles Chicago and get behind the wheel of an exotic rental car here in Chicago and show off the new you in ultimate style.


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