Top 5 Eccentric Lamborghini Paint jobs

Crazy Lamborghini PaintjobSometimes I spot an exotic car and it is customized to the point of…well…you be the judge.  Here are 5 Lamborghini’s with paintjobs that say “HEY! Look at me! I am different!”  I can’t wait to scan your comments below.

First up is a Lamborghini Gallardo that the owner may struggle to find in a crowded lot, because it blends in so well (note sarcasm).  Really though, what must this individual have been thinking?  I assume the thought process was shut down.  Graffiti is in poor taste anywhere, even on an extreme luxury car like this Gallardo!

Up next is rapper 50 Cent, who decided chrome rims simply were not enough for his Lamborghini Murcielago-so he made the entire car out of it.  Yes, it is an exotic car that doubles as a mirror, so that the rapper 50 Cent Chrome Lamborghinican ogle himself from every angle.  Hey, who wants to see the car, right?  Grab some shades and check it out.

When I picture a Lamborghini, I tend to picture it in yellow, black, white or red (the main colors).  I do not picture it in blue, decked out as a police cruiser, yet that is certainly what has happened in Cremona, Italy!  This makes me want to be an Italian police officer…and no one could issue me the dreaded speeding ticket! 

Going along with the odd color scheme is this pink Lamborghini.  I have no words for this other than to say a Lambo is not a Mary Kay car and bubble-gum pink is not flattering.  Sigh.

Up last is this bedazzled eyesore of a toy Lamborghini.  Comprised of around 7,668 crystals, this Lamborghini LP 640 toy will set you back $2,500 dollars.  Don’t worry, the doors are fully functional and you can imagine a smaller version of yourself behind the wheel…or for that price you could indulge in one of the best Lamborghini rentals availableItalian Police


Hope you enjoyed these crazy Lambo paintjobs!  For more on exotic cars and luxury car rentals, follow links!


 Pink Lamborghini

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