Top 5 Most Common Luxury Automobiles Seen In Chicago

We recently set out to determine what luxury cars Chicago residents are driving these days.  It is always helpful for us to observe what people are driving and what people think is the next great luxury car as we continue to grow our fleet.  There was no scientific formula used but I think most locals would agree that the following five cars are the most common in the city. 

1) Range Rover HSE
2) BMW 750
3) Mercedes S550
4) Audi A6
5) Porsche Cayenne


1) Range Rover HSE.  Easily Chicago’s most popular luxury SUV, the Range Rover is seen on almost every street in the city throughout each day.  Combining excellent driving features with top-notch luxury enables this car to be such a hit with locals.  Soccer moms and stockbrokers alike are seen riding around in the HSE, while some of the city’s younger residents might opt for the Range Rover Sport.

2010 Range Rover HSE Luxury Rental

2) BMW 750.  Most likely seen up on the north shore, this ultimate driving machine is perfect for getting the kids to soccer practice as well as commuting into the city daily for work.  This BMW luxury car is not as popular downtown due to its longer body style, which does not help parallel parking, a common practice on city streets.

2010 BMW 750 Luxury Car

3) Mercedes S550.  There are very few cars in production that exude class and prestige more than the Mercedes Benz S550.  This luxury sedan has been the standard for high-end vehicles for decades, and few could argue with quality and beauty this car offers.  This vehicle will also be seen driving to and from O’Hare and Midway airports chauffeuring Chicago’s business elite. 

Mercedes S550 Luxury Rental Car

4) Audi A6.  Everyone has seen these headlights coming towards you at night since they look like none other on the market.  The curved string of lights is Audi’s new attempt to take control of the luxury sedan market.  At the top of their offering is the A6, the mid-size sedan that fits nicely between the smaller A4 and the much larger A8.  A perfect car for Chicago, the Audi is also seen on nearly every street throughout a Chicago day. 

Audi A6 Luxury Rental Car

5) Porsche Cayenne.  Although it might not be our favorite Porsche, Imagine Lifestyles does recognize the practicality of this vehicle for Chicagoans.  And let’s be honest, it still is a Porsche, not a mini-van.  Porsche also was considerate of the man of the house who would have rather bought the 911 and offers the Cayenne Turbo as well.  A perfect car for dodging potholes on Lake Shore Drive, Porsche hit a home-run with this SUV.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo Luxury Rental SUV

Contact Imagine Lifestyles for all of your luxury needs here in Chicago.  We offer some of the luxury rental cars listed above as well as many other fine automobiles.  Keep up with the Jones’ and rent yourself an exotic rental car this weekend.  When you think luxury, think Imagine Lifestyles.


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