Chicago’s Most Expensive Meal

We recently set out to find the most expensive single item you could order off of a restaurant menu here in Chicago.  In blogs past we have explored the most expensive restaurants, or most expensive burgers, but we have never looked for the single most expensive item.  At last, we have found the culprit within Chicago, and it is not cheap by any means.

Sturgeon Caviar Chicago Most Expensive Restaurant Meal

In order to place the order for this most expensive menu item, head to Tru, located at 676 North Saint Clair.  Don’t look for steak, or lobster, or some foreign hand-massaged beef.  Instead, look for small, colorful eggs.  The most expensive menu item in Chicago is Tru’s Caviar Staircase.  A tasting of sturgeon caviars will run you $280.00, drink not included.  The staircase originally included 4 different variations, but now included three presumably due to the economic conditions.  Tru’s staircase currently includes osetra, sevruga, and a flavored American version.  

A dish for any special event, the Caviar Staircase at Tru will surely be for that very special occasion.  Don’t forget about your transportation needs on this special evening.  Contact Imagine Lifestyles to arrange for a luxury car rental or your own personal driver.  Anyone ordering a $280 spoonful of fish eggs should surely arrive in utmost style and luxury.  

Next time you are in chicago take one of our luxury rental cars over to Tru and you may want to try this deliteful but expensive meal.


Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals