Top 5 Strangest Audi Concept Cars

While fans of luxury cars and exotic rental cars rarely know for sure what the future of their favorite brands hold, speculation is a popular pastime! Below are five stunning Audi luxury concept cars and renderings, and I hope to see at least one hit the streets someday!  Though only one appears to have tires…

It is unlikely that Imagine Lifestyles will own an Audi rental like these anytime soon! Enjoy!

Audi concepts

This Audi concept is called the shark, which seems fitting! It must float or fly, or there is a motorbike in there somewhere!

Audi concept car drawings

 Is this to be the first Audi hovercraft? I suppose the wheels could be hidden, but turning would seem to be an issue. Still quite stunning and futuristic!

Audi concepts

 This Audi concept has nice thick lines and muscle, I like the intimidating factor and vibe!

Audi concepts

This one seems to be a play on the current design cues, with an ugly approach to the wheels.

Audi concept cars

This one features elegant scissor doors and an attractive bubble body, but what is going on with the wheels on these concepts?

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