Top 5 Submerged Hotels

Poseidon Undersea Resort Yes, I said “submerged” hotels-as in hotels with rooms that are actually beneath the surface of water!  So without further ado, let’s dive right into the top 5 underwater hotels:

1.    Jules Undersea Lodge, Key Largo, Florida
Utter Inn, Vasteras, Sweden
3.    Hydropolis,
4.    Poseidon Undersea Resort,
5.    Underwater Hotel,

Jules Undersea Lodge. Just a short drive from Miami in your exotic rental car will bring you to Key Largo, and its sunken treasure of a hotel-Jules Undersea Lodge.  Jules opened her hatch in 1986, effectively making her the world’s first underwater hotel.  To get to their rooms, guests must dive down 21 feet to the sea floor, where the hotel is located. This is a dream for divers, and a 3-hour crash course is offered for non-divers.  The hotel also offers scuba certification courses and diving excursions.

The 42 inch windows of the undersea hotel offer unobstructed views of the Caribbean waters, known for their clarity.  It is not just the view that lures guests in, however, but the presence of air conditioning, hot showers, DVD player and other modern amenities. 

For the foodies, dinner and breakfast are provided by the world’s only “Mer-chef”, who delivers promptly at 8 A.M. and 6 P.M.  Outstanding. Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, John Fishman of Phish, and the astute former Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau have all taken the plunge at Jules, which speaks volumes in its favor.  I am picturing Steven Tyler behind the wheel of his Ferrari F430 rental, hair whipping in the breeze across the land bridge…hold please, I am making my reservations!

Utter Inn.  Ahh Sweden.  Artist and sculptor Mr. Genberg took his abilities to the next level when he created the Utter (Otter) Inn in 2000.  This diminuative one-room Inn places guests 3m below the surface of Lake Malaren, roughly 1 km from shore. 

Resembling a large bouy, the Swedish red house is trimmed with white gables.  The room offers striking panoramic views of the lake, and a reverse-aquarium of sorts, as the fish are looking in on guests. 

This is no Jules Undersea Lodge, however.  Should guests wish for Mr. Genberg to deliver diJules Undersea Lodge Key Largo Floridanner, it is an extra charge.  This is a popular summer destination, so if you are sleepless in Sweden, make your reservations well in advance! 

Hydropolis.  When it comes to “doing it up”, leave it to Dubai.  Currently a concept, “Hydropolis” features the signature modern architecture Dubai is known for, with a price tag of about $550 million.  This luxury resort will rest 66 feet below the surface, on the floor of the Persian Gulf. 

Upon completion, this intricate underwater hotel will span across 27 acres of sea-floor, boasting an above ground land station, connected by a 1700 foot transparent tunnel leading to the hotel.  At a glance, Hydropolis resembles a jellyfish. 

Below the surface, the 220 rooms are bubble-shaped, comprised of transparent glass…privacy should not be an issue, save a passing diver.  Hydropolis is rumored to be opening in 2009, a date subject to change.

Poseidon Undersea Resort.
  Soon those who flock to Fiji will have yet another reason-the Poseidon Undersea Resort.  This is another undersea hotel scheduled for a 2009 debut. 

The Poseidon of Fiji will sink guests 40 feet below sea into a 5-star abyss created by American submarine engineer Bruce Jones.  Guests each have a personal Triton at their disposal during their stay to explore the lagoon and sea life.  Wow…that would be like the W Hotel South Beach offering complimentary exotic rental cars with each stay.

For deeper excursions, tours on a 16-passenger luxury submarine will be provided.  Just a second, changing my Jules reservation to Poseidon…

Poseidon also features an artificially constructed island, Poseidon Mystery Island, for activities and beach bums.  Standard 550 square foot rooms will go for around $1500 per night, but why stop there when you can reserve the entire island for $3,000,000?  Sign me up.

Finally, the upcomming Underwater Hotel in Istanbul is worth mentioning.  This concept aims to compete, and is rumored to boast 7 floors beneath the sea, with 7-star service.  The sunken luxury hotel is being built beneath a former tobacco factory and will include exhibition halls, restaurants and more. 

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