Just One Koenigsegg One Allowed to Join Agera Stateside

Attention extreme automotive fans: The aggressive Koenigsegg One shall be joining its 1,140 horsepower sibling, the Agera, stateside. Now there will be two Koenigsegg supercar models available to the U.S. market, but only one Koenigsegg One car is coming. There are six Koenigsegg One cars total–with this one is coming under special conditions because it does not meet federal regulations.

koenigsegg oneAs it stands, the Koenigsegg Agera is available exclusively at Manhattan Motorcars in New York. The dealer will also be given the privilege of selling the One.

The Swedish brand is ready to hand out keys to a wider selection of upscale dealers across the U.S., however, which is certainly welcome news to all except perhaps Bugatti or Hennessey. A bit more competition on the pavement is exciting. The possible expansion around the U.S. is simply talk at this point, until we see some dedicated action.

koenigsegg oneFun fact: Koenigsegg headquarters is located in Angelholm, Sweden. That is where the sweet supercars are born.

The deal with the Koenigsegg One stateside:

The Koenigsegg One is a beast. She produces an alarming 1,341 horses that are unrestrained by federal homologation. For that reason, the nice lady will be under Show and Display rules while on our soil. There will only be six One’s, but future lines could include up to 24 units. The larger fleets will mold to U.S. regulations in order to expand, with healthy price tags to match. Regulations demand the addition of smart airbags, an issue that hit Lotus pretty hard and has prevented Pagani from accelerating into our market. The exclusive rights to the models will remain with Manhattan Motorcars until further expansion plans unfold. It would be interesting to see more of them reach cities across the states.

koenigsegg onePost by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals