Verdict In: Insurance Must Cover $750,000 for Ferrari Crashed by Federal Agent

Who doesn’t love a good exotic car crash tale? Back in February we covered the saga of a stolen 1995 Ferrari F50 that was being held as evidence by authorities pending investigation and was then crashed by a federal agent. The unlucky Ferrari was first stolen, recovered, and then crashed! As if those events were not unfortunate enough, the lawsuit between the U.S. government and the insurance company waged on, with both parties denying responsibility. How would you like to be the owner of this cursed sports car?

Crashed Ferrari F50

Crashed Ferrari F50

The verdict is finally in, and the insurance carrier, Motors Insurance, will be responsible for the costs of the crashed Ferrari F50. The FBI agent was relocating the vehicle at the time of the crash and was not found to be at fault. Kingston claimed he blew a tire while driving and that led to the incident, but the insurance company claimed negligence. In the end both Kingston and the car’s owner can heave a long overdue sigh of relief as the saga ends (it has been going on since 2009!).

Crashed Ferrari F50

A sorry sight to see

Crashed Ferrari F50

The remnants of the totaled classic Ferrari

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