Video: Maserati Stolen From Dealership by Customer

Exotic sports car theft has become increasingly brazen, with celebrity cars swiped from odd locations and now from an LA Maserati dealership in broad daylight! The thief posed as a potential customer and ended up exiting with the 2008 GranTurismo.

Maserati Theft in LA Dealership

The entire theft was caught on one of the dealership’s surveillance cameras

The thief was able to avoid handing over his license for the usual ‘test drive’ theft, asking instead to “hear that engine roar”. The Maserati employee proceeded to hand over the keys, at which point the man simply departs in the $75,000 luxury ride. I assume the employee felt a bit embarrassed, though all say the man played the perfect potential customer role.

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Police say the thief asked the salesperson for the keys to the car so he could listen to the engine

Manager Michael Bell stated: “The way he presented himself was small business owner up the street, his wife was going to come down and buy the car later. This was after he had done a walk-around, looked in the trunk. He really was playing the buyer.”

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