Vintage Ferrari Prototype to Sell for $20 Million? This Would Steal the Record!

There are many vintage Ferrari models that end up on the auction block, but this one is something truly special. It is an extraordinarily rare 1957 250 TR prototype that could bring in $20 million dollars at Gooding & Co.’s Pebble Beach luxury car auction next month. If this occurs, it will shatter the world record!

1957 Ferrari 250 TR

1957 Ferrari 250 TR

I assume our friend Jay Leno will be there, so if you outbid him, you will have bragging rights to that along with the new world record Ferrari sale! Or you could save yourself about $20 million bucks and rent a Ferrari from Imagine Lifestyles whenever the urge strikes.  Your call. I wonder how many exotic car rentals one could indulge in for $20 million big ones…you could drive a different luxury car every day of the week! Or you could buy this old Ferrari.

Jay Leno Ferrari

Leno does dig luxury cars, with one of the best celebrity luxury car collections

1957 Ferrari 250 TR

1957 Ferrari 250 TR

The example on offer has been raced at all of the major events worldwide including Sebring, Nurburgring and Le Mans. Did I mention that Ralph Lauren has one just like it (1961)? This one is older, so you can also brag about that. The bragging rights are endless, it will be interesting to see who ends up wanting this classic Ferrari the most!

Ralph Lauren Ferrari collection

The Ralph Lauren Ferrari collection…available in red.




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