Want to Smell Like You Are Made of Money? Money Scented Cologne, Now Available!

Money Cologne

If you are constantly looking for new ways to pick up chicks or prove that you are the man, maybe you should try out a new cologne that smells like currency.  Yes, appropriately named “Money”, this luxurious (perhaps?) fragrance is money in liquid form, designed to drench your pulse points so that you may effectively ooze the scent of money. 

Success never smelled so good.  You may opt to top off your new image with an exotic rental car Miami style, projecting the appropriate image with a 007-worthy Aston Martin rental.  Just a suggestion!  I’m sorry Miss, er…Mr. Jackson, I am for real.


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This extraordinary eau de cash is essentially money, simmered down into a cologne bottle, with hints of manly and outdoorsy wood and grass.  So you can smell like a wallet full of crisp singles that has been on a camping excursion.  The bottle even arrives cushioned with shredded single dollar bills, a nice final touch. 

Way to battle inflation, if you can’t have money, you can at least smell like it!  A few squirts on the wrist with this stuff, and you will smell like Scrooge McDuck after one of his epic sessions in a pool full of money!
  This would also make a great luxury gift idea for that high-roller in your life.

Scrooge McDuck


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