Want to Wrap $475 of Wiegand Around Your Wrist?

The M31 luxury watch by Wiegand is certainly attractive, and will set you back around $475.  We think it would look great dangling out the window of one of our luxury rental cars. 

I like the sleek and understated elegance, and the chrome and red color scheme.  Picture this luxury watch with a flashy red Ferrari rental as a backdrop; even James Bond would take a second glance.  Ahh how we lWiegand Custom Watchove all that is luxury.  So what is so special about this particular wristwatch?  Here are some of its eh, specs:

•    Brushed SS finish
•    LUM-TEC MDV technology
•    Japan Miyota 0S20 quartz chronograph movement
•    316L Stainless steel case
•    Threaded caseback
•    Screw lock crown with double diamond sealing system

•    Sapphire crystal
•    Heavy-duty quartz chronograph movement
•    Double sided anti-reflective coating
•    Water resistant up to 330 feet

•    Includes 3 straps:  Leather with matched stitching and quick release changing system, custom molded anti-static rubber strap, and 316L Stainless steel bracelet with matched finish

Wiegand watches can go up to $700 and more, like the 500M-2 or 500M-3 models, but I like the unique style of the M31 custom watch.  The stitching is smooth and perfect, like a well-made designer handbag.

Well, if your girlfriend gets you this watch, you can always tease her that you would have preferred the Tour de I’lle, and explain to her in detail why you are worth the $1.5 million it demands. Yet for $1.5 million, I would rather invest in a couple more luxury car rentals to be honest!



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Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals