This Week in Chicago: September 27 – October 3rd from Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals

This Week in Chicago: September 27-October 3

Looking for something different from your man this weekend, ladies?  And guys, is it about time to plan a function with your better half that doesn’t involve a sports bar and football?  This week in Chicago Imagine Lifestyles has an idea that might be a little bit out of the box but will definitely earn some brownie points in any relationship.  This Friday, cancel happy hour and head down to the Cadillac Palace Theatre for one of Broadways’ hottest musicals, Billy Elliot.
Cadillac Palace Theatre
Referred to as “The Best Musical of the Year” by Time Magazine, Billy Elliot has been earning great reviews around Chicago since it started its limited run here in the Windy City.  No one should attend a musical on an empty stomach so make sure to plan accordingly with dinner and a drink or two before heading to the show.  Don’t have time to make the plans?  Contact Imagine Lifestyles Chicago and we will set up everything for you.  We will pick you up in a Chicago luxury rental car of your choice and take you and a guest to dinner, alleviating any stress of weekend traffic in the city.  After dinner, sit back and relax as you are chauffeured to the theatre for the musical.  Afterwards, elect to head out for one more drink or head home, the car will be ready for whatever you wish. 

Imagine Lifestyles specializes in high-end exotic and luxury car rentals but we also have a soft spot in our hearts for a little Broadway here and then.  Well actually, we just realize its all part of the give and take nature of relationships.  Trust us, next week we will get back to something a little more exciting and tell you all about the perfect guys weekend.  Just go ahead and take our advice on this one and go see the musical; otherwise it might be a long winter.


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