Ducati’s Make the Big Screen in Wall Street Movie

For my movie buffs out there who also happen to be luxury motorbike fans, the movie ‘Wall Street, Money Never Sleeps’ features two Ducati D16RR’s.  These are rare superbikes, only 1500 were made by Ducati for the retail market. 

Ducati branded each of the 1500 D16RR motorcycles with a special number to differentiate them all, which is another thing that makes them special, aside from their exclusive status.   So it is cool that two of these Ducati bikes made it onto the big screen.Ducati D16RR Superbikes

It seems the luxury bike company has been on a bit of a PR mission lately, donating two Ducati Multistradas to the Pope for his personal motorcade, and starring on the big screen.  Money never sleeps, and neither does Ducati.  That is fine with me, if it is fast and expensive, it has my attention, and Ducati makes amazing motorcycles.


As a brand, Ducati is known for their ‘passion and pride’, from the employees to the products, and is it ever apparent!  The Desmosedici D16RR bike is an example of what dedication and experience can create in a luxury motorbike.  So let’s get down to specs.

The D16 Ducati boasts a 9.49 second at 152.80 mile per hour quarter-mile time, giving it the nickname ‘Fire Breather’.  Top speed for the D16RR Ducati is around 190 miles per hour.  This bike is drooled after, nailing 80 miles per hour in 2.67 seconds, and 100 plus in 2.77 seconds, making it one of the fastest sportbikes out there.  If you own this Ducati, you are no poser.   Want to see them in action?  Check out ‘Wall Street, Money Never Sleeps’ in theaters now.



Wall Street Money Never Sleeps Ducatis


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