Welcome to the Ferrari Factory-Where Awesomeness is Made

Have you ever wondered what it was like inside an exotic car factory?  How about the exclusive and illustrious Ferrari FactoryFerrari Factory Maranello Italy in Maranello, Italy?  For those of us who love luxury cars, but can’t exactly arrange a private tour of the facilities, there are plenty of photos available out there to indulge in!  Let’s check out the Ferrari Factory, Italy.

Surprisingly, Maranello is a small town, located between Florence and Venice.  It is just a bit west from Modena, hometown of Enzo Ferrari himself. 

Public tours are not offered at the Ferrari Factory, and only a privileged few have access, for a number of reasons.  The production process of one of the original supercars is of course safeguarded, but of course blends the old-world craftsmanship with the latest available technology to maintain the classic, but not be left behind.

Inside the factory, the dedicated employees wear Ferrari-red uniforms and seem genuinely happy to be part of something so much larger than themselves.  They are an integral part of the development of one of the most impressive luxury cars of all time, after all!  These lucky souls get to be up-close and personal with every Ferrari that comes out of the factory, not a bad gig!  I am certain there are many jealous Italians who wanted their jobs!

Enjoy the Ferrari factory photos, and don’t miss out on our Ferrari rentals Miami and other luxury car rentals on your way out!

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Ferrari Plant Italy







Maranello, Italy Ferrari Factory







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