What Famous Ferrari Do You Consider the Best Icon for the Exotic Carmaker? Best Response Wins a $50.00 American Express Gift Card

Ferrari Contest WinnerYesterday we at Imagine Lifestyles covered our “Top Ten Famous Ferraris to Hit the Big and Small Screens” to stir up some excitement about our official “Ferrari Week” that we are hosting to properly welcome our new Ferrari F430 Spyder rental to our fleet of luxury rental cars. 

Today we are more interested in getting some feedback from our fabulous Facebook friends and fanbase (that is you) on the Ferrari front, so we ask you this:  Which famous Ferrari featured in a film or television series do you feel adequately represents the iconic appeal and effect of the luxury brand as a whole?  Was it the 1961 250 GT California Spyder in “Ferris Beuller’s Day Off”?  Perhaps it was the seductive superpowers of supermodel Christie Brinkley behind the wheel of a Ferrari 308 GTS in “National Lampoon’s Vacation”. 

Remember that your opinion/entry does not have to be one from our “Top Ten Famous Ferraris” liFerrari Enzo Scissor Doorsst; you are free to wow us with your honesty.  The winner will be selected by level of creativity and brand knowledge, and will receive a $50.00 American Express gift card.

In order to enter the contest, simply go to and become a fan, then compose your entry directly on the Imagine Lifestyles Facebook wall for all to enjoy.  Looking forward to your responses!

Contest Info:

  • Go to
  • Become a Fan of Imagine Lifestyles on Facebook
  • Write on Imagine Lifestyles Facebook Wall which Movie made Ferrari Famous
  • Contest ends Dec 24th 2009
  • Imagine Lifestyles will announce the winner on their facebook page.


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