Who Will Compete at Super Bowl 44 in Miami on February 7th?

Super Bowl 44 is looming and the players and fans on a handful of NFL teams continue to dream of a mid-winter trip to Miami for the big game that decides the NFL championship.  

Signage is sprouting and prominent everywhere in South Florida, with bars already beckoning fans to make their Super Bowl plans.  T-shirts and pennants are already out in stores trumpeting that Miami is hosting the big game this year.

So clearly the party is set to begin.

Miami is ideal for an elite sporting event, with a plethora of upscale accommodations, dining options, shopping, exotic rental cars, and beaches.  The weather in South Beach is semi-tropical year-round, ensuring an excellent game day.  The best way to prepare is to book your Escalade rental before they disappear, or set the standard in a Ferrari F430 rental!  The choice is yours to sizzle in Miami.

But who will be there?  Which teams will have their fans booking plane tickets in January to fly to Miami and be part of the festivities?  There are favorites, of course, and often there are surprises.

Last year in Tampa, the Arizona Cardinals were surprise participants, as they snuck up in the playoffs and knocked off several more favored NFC teams. The Pittsburgh Steelers were expected to be there and did wind up winning it all, to the glee of tens of thousands of fans who made their way to Tampa.

But who will be the contenders this year?Colts Super Bowl XLI

Based on play to-date, the Indianapolis Colts look like a pretty good bet.  Still unbeaten at 10-0 and Peyton Manning having an amazing season leading them, they seem as if they could be Miami-bound. But they will have to hold off the likes of the Steelers, The New England Patriots, and the surprising Cincinnati Bengals.  Fans still have the sweet taste of the Colts’ Super Bowl XLI victory saturating their palates. 

In the NFC, the New Orleans Saints look like they are on a mission, and are most people’s pick to emerge from that conference, but they will have competition from Minnesota’s Vikings who are led by a rejuvenated Brett Favre, and the NY Giants, Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles can never be counted out, what do you think?  Comment below with your picks and opinions. 


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