All 500 Lexus LFA’s to be Leased Initially

Lexus LFA Supercar to be LeasedIn an interestingly clever twist, it has been reported that Lexus intends to lease its new LFA supercar.  This is a remarkable way around the speculators market, and an innovative endeavor that paves the way for companies like Lamborghini and Ferrari to follow suit. 

It is rumored that all 500 Lexus LFA’s will be leased rather than sold when they hit the market in early 2011.  The lease period will be two years at an undisclosed rate, after which the option to buy outright will become available.  According to Lexus vice president of sales and dealer development Brian Smith,

“We prefer to have people out driving the car and not just parking it in a museum or selling it at an inflated price.”

Despite being initially leased, all 500 LFA’s will still be individually tailored to the customer and built to order to the highest of standards.  To read about Lexus LFA interior options, follow link.

Lexus is gearing up for the official release of the 2011 LFA by training 15 LFA specialists, who will be located in the company’s four regional outposts.  Dealers will also receive special tools and training to adequately service the specialty supercars. 

Imagine Lifestyles attended the official North American debut of the Lexus LFA, follow link for full story and specs.

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