Why it is Better to Charter a Luxury Yacht than to Own One

Goldie Hawn Stars in OverboardJust because you do not exactly have millions of dollars does not mean you cannot indulge in some of the perks that millionaires do.  Renting luxury items such as exotic cars, luxury properties and even yachts are all ways to experience life on a grander scale, without the burdens of actually investing.  Today we will outline why chartering a luxury yacht trumps owning one.

Naturally this theory does not apply to those who wish to actually live aboard their luxury yacht, or spend at least part of the year on it.  The concept of renting a luxury yacht applies to those who simply want to escape for a few weeks per year, without dropping millions on a yacht, and even more in regular maintenance.

When you charter a yacht, you are paying a flat rate to enjoy the most private luxury vacation money can buy.  You are not responsible for hiring and firing a crew, chef or scheduling routine maintenance.  Not to mention the extra few million dollars that may or may not be in your bank account from renting rather than investing in the vessel. 

Maintenance can become painfully expensive.  That is the reason that those who own yachts generally have more money to throw around than they know what to do with.  Think about dock fees, upkeep, cleaning, problems that arise, staff wages, updating interior design and furniture, the list goes on.  For somYacht Attessa after refit and extensione reason I flashed back to the 80s movie “Overboard” with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, which starred a 130′ yacht named "Attessa".  Attessa was also used in the hit "Indecent Proposal", following a major refit and extension (Photo to the right shows the "after" photo of Attessa).

Luckily, you do not have to be a millionaire, or worry about any of the issues associated with owning a yacht when you choose to indulge in a luxury yacht charter for a fraction of the cost.  Yes, you can take your family on your dream vacation every year, without worrying about a thing.  For more information on yacht charters, luxury fishing boat, or speedboat charters, follow links.


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