Why You Should Rent the Rolls Royce Wraith

If you want to feel like royalty on your vacation, you can’t do better than the Rolls-Royce Wraith.  The name dates back to the early days of automotives, when the wealthy were most likely to own cars.

Today’s princes and princesses don’t have castles, but they are still driving Rolls Royce.  You’ll see major league sports stars, Hollywood leading ladies and Hip Hop artists behind the wheel of the sleek and sexy Rolls Royce Wraith. What attracts people to this car?  Should it be your next rental?

Just the Right Size

You can tell by it’s sleek design that it isn’t made to be a limo. Sure it has the perfect rectangular grille finished off by the RR logo below and the Spirit of Ecstasy statue above, but this is a driver’s car.

The two Coach doors have rear hinges, giving it that winged look when you are getting out or in. Push button operation does the opening and closing for you. It’s fun just to stand back and watch it do its thing.

The cabin seats four in a large area that has plenty of legroom and headroom.  The trunk is suitably large for this touring coupe.  With 17 cubic feet of space, your luggage should fit comfortably.

When renting, you can ask about the front seat amenities.  There can be a pair of massaging chairs with ventilation. Certainly you will find heated seats with power adjustable settings. Rear seat amenities may include tables and other refinements.

Truly Incredible Style

Designers achieve the delicate balance between the new and the classic in the cabin’s interior design.  Rich colors, fabrics and touchpoints create a haven from the outside world. You can set the atmosphere with an 18-speaker audio system.  There’s a 10.2-inch screen with navigation and Bluetooth.

Is it raining? There may be deployable umbrellas ready to protect you when you push the button to open the doors.

The most exciting item to be on the lookout for is the remarkable Starlight headliner. This shooting star upgrade includes a meteor-like streak that appears at random, just as a shooting star would do.

Renters should keep in mind that these cars start at $330,000, and that’s before the owner checks all of the boxes.  Furthermore, each one is designed by the individual, and that means any Wraith rental may be one of a kind.  You may end up with as many pictures of your Wraith as you do your vacation destination.

Remarkable Power and Strength

Under the hood of this elegant ride, there beats a V12 engine.  It delivers 624 horsepower, allowing this large car to move like a sports car, despite its more generous size. The torque, rated at 605 pound-feet, ensures speed at the touch of the accelerator.  It can jump from 0 to 60 in 4.4 seconds.  If you get lucky enough to rent a Black Badge Wraith, the torque rate is even higher, and the sprint is even faster.

With power like that, a driver may feel they are in charge of a rocket launcher. Never fear, however, this is a Rolls. Every element of control has been included to ensure that the driver can handle such speed with a minimum of fuss.

Rear-wheel drive brands this ride as the European sports car that it is.  The steering, air suspension, and 8-speed automatic transmission have all been calibrated to add to the fun while still providing the control needed.

This is one car that can work with you.  Sensors and cameras allow it to provide adaptive cruise control in slow-and-go traffic. Likewise, the system watches the lane lines and warns if your wheels stray. Parking sensors and a surround-view camera help you handle tight urban parking lots.  Night vision helps you spot pedestrians or large animals, helping you brake sooner.

Other Favorite Luxury Car Rentals

If the Rolls Royce doesn’t suit your taste, the Continental Bentley GT W12 just might. You could aim for a BMW 8 Series sedan and still get elegance, if not opulence.  BMW owns Rolls Royce, so you’d keep it in the family.

Another choice is the Mercedes Benz S Class.  You will find many perks, original aspects, and great beauty there.  Perhaps you don’t need as much real estate as these big rides. The Mercedes AMG S63 Coupe is lighter and faster.  The richly furnished cabins certainly won’t disappoint luxury lovers.

If cutting-edge technology is your main concern, there are other luxury cars that will have even more than the Rolls. When renting a luxury car, you can ask about automatic front braking, automatic rear braking, complete parking systems, and cruise control that combines stop-and-go capability with lane assistance.

Still, there’s nothing like driving a Rolls Royce to give you bragging rights.  The brand’s rich history is matched by its current quality and exclusive style.  Plus, the Wraith takes driving to new heights with the most horsepower a Rolls has ever had.

A Rolls Royce Wraith may not be an affordable day car for you, but as a rental, it is an exceptional ride.  Driving enthusiasts will find it irresistible, and everyone aboard will rest in the lap of luxury.