Will F1 Racing Eventually Become a Power Wheel Joke?

F1 Racing

Lately there has been much chatter in the exotic auto industry and racing circuits regarding Formula 1 Racing and if it is about to go to the dark…I mean green side.  Ferrari Corporation has mentioned it, as has BBC Sports and many others.  But is it true?  In the words of ‘Allen’ from the hit movie “The Hangover”, “Could it be?”  Is Formula 1 Racing joining up with the green movement, joining their ‘wolf pack’? 


The Hangover Wolfpack Speech

The answer to that would be a big fat yes, in bold green letters. According to F1’s website, FIA’s World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) has approved new regulations, including a multitude of green measures to be implemented.  These green F1 Racing changes will include replacing the V8 engines currently used by F1 teams with a 4-cylinder 1.6-liter toy…I mean, engine fro 2013 forward. 

Formula 1 Racing

I have to get this out:  THIS IS FORMULA 1 RACING.  It is racing.  By definition, racing is gathering your most powerful resources and competing to see who is best.  While I agree with the need for greener vehicles on our roadways, I cannot understand how F1 racing is going to continue if it has been reduced to a 4-cylinder joke.  What is next, will the F1 teams be forced to race adult ‘Power Wheels’?  Perhaps the masterminds behind this movement can enlist the new Lotus City Car hybrid for all drivers to race (bleeding sarcasm).   *End rant.

Ferrari Power Wheel

Power Wheels Racing

Power Wheels

I just feel that even if performance is not sacrificed yet, it will eventually suffer as more regulations follow.  The old-fashioned power and sanctity of racing is being threatened, I wonder how a move like this would fly with the NASCAR crowd.  Feel free to share your thoughts below in the comment section!

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