Wirelessly Recharged Rolls-Royce Luxury Car Concept Has Wires Crossing

HaloIPT Rolls-Royce Luxury Electric Car

It is a merging of minds in the interest of the greater good…and by good I mean luxury car wireless charging technology.  The HaloIPT is set to supply its revolutionary induction charging technology for the 102EX experimental electric vehicle developed by Rolls-Royce.  This is certainly exciting news, possibly placing Rolls in the technology lead when it comes to luxury hybrid cars and innovation! It could also be a game changer for Rolls Royce rental cars and exotic rental car companies that purchase them. 


HaloIPT Rolls-Royce Luxury Electric Car Experiment

HaloIPT Rolls-Royce Luxury Electric Car Concept

The Phantom Experimental Electric vehicle was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show this week, introduced as a Rolls-Royce test vehicle to explore alternatives to traditional engine combustion.  This is a major milestone for Rolls, as it is the first attempt to alter engine combustion in its 107-year history. 

I suppose they figured ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’…yet with the pending and greener EPA regulations looming just ahead, it was an intelligent move on their part.

HaloIPT Rolls-Royce Luxury Electric Car

On to technology, HaloIPT is an exclusive group of innovators who have developed systems that have been integrated into the Rolls-Royce experimental vehicle.  So what is HaloIPT?  It is attainable and sustainable battery electric technology for super luxury cars and standard vehicles.

HaloIPT Rolls-Royce Luxury Electric Car Chart

HaloIPT allows vehicles to be fitted with an integrated receiver to charge automatically when parked over transmitter pads, which are buried in the ground.  These wireless charging systems utilize inductive power transfer (IPT) to transfer power over large gaps, and their efficiency matches a plug-and-cable.  This super-technology works beneath asphalt, water, ice and snow!  It is an option and a step closer to solving the electric and hybrid car recharging dilemma. 

If successful, inductive power transfer could be integrated into infrastructure, allowing the masses to recharge on the run.  According to Dr. Anthony Thompson, CEO of HaloIPT,

“Users don’t need to get out of their vehicles and hunt for a cable to plug-in, they will just park and walk away while their car starts charging automatically … the ultimate in modern convenience."

HaloIPT Rolls-Royce Luxury Electric Car

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