Angry Wife Crashes Her Porsche into Hubby’s Maserati

Recently in China two luxury vehicles became the victims of a domestic dispute. An angry wife reportedly tailed her husband around the streets of Chongquing, ending the journey by planting her canary yellow Porsche Cayenne Turbo into back of her husband’s burgundy Maserati Quattroporte. I would divorce this woman on principle alone…or downgrade her to a Ford Festiva. On the other hand, women crashing cars is typically entertaining for those uninvolved (those without injury, obviously). women crashing cars

A very upset wife tailed her husband around town for a while. The scenic drive clearly did not calm her down, as she rammed her Porsche into the rear of her hubby’s Maserati once he parked. 

We may never be enlightened as to what started this rather public altercation. Asian women are generally renowned for their sophistication and grace…making this little tidbit all the more shocking. It would much less interesting if this happened in LA with a rage-infused starlet behind the wheel. China has quickly become a hotspot for luxury cars. The country has been experiencing a large infusion of newly wealthy people, creating much tabloid fodder as they adjust to the perks of having toys and money. The rich are highly scrutinized, making it impossible for embarrassing antics to escape the headlines.

exotic car crashes

I have not located a photo of the angry wife. Something tells me she will be on the market soon…

The Porsche Cayenne Turbo suffered substantial damage to its grille and front end while the Maserati’s rear was crinkled up to match the woman’s scowl. Insurance is not likely to cover such a deliberate and brazen act–leaving the husband responsible for the lofty repair bills.

Women crashing cars

You simply have to wonder who the man is contacting. He could be calling to fire his bodyguard, calling the authorities, or making a futile attempt to obtain relief from his insurance agent.  

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