The World ResidenSea-The First Floating Gated Community

Just when you think that every concept imaginable has been executed, you find something that surprises you!  Meet The World ResidenSea, the world’s first floating gated community!

It seems that some brainiac has made use of a retired cruise ship liner, by renovating it and turning it into a floating condo unit!  Sound outlandish?  It has been touring ports of the world since 2002, evidently floating under the radar.
A community of world travelers have banded together to make this vision a reality.  Each former cruise ship cabin has been converted into an actual living unit, sold on the market!  Basically, this is one mobile piece of real estate.  Imagine not having to worry about investing in a single demographic area, but rather, in a floating luxury community that travels the world by sea, stopping at exotic ports around the world. 

This is far from a vacation home, with year-round residents on a permanent vacation (sorry Aerosmith, this one sounds a bit more enticinThe World Residensea Floating Luxury Communityg than your hit song).   And what is life like between ports for residents of ResidenSea?  It is quite similar to life in other upscale communities, featuring golf and tennis lessons, spa treatments, business meetings, theater, shopping and of course, socializing.  All of this is done onboard a luxury yacht, of course.  I am sure there are no shortages of luxury rental cars at the high-end ports the vessel stops at.  Yes, I am ready for my Ferrari F430 Spider rental so that I can explore Italy.  Thanks.

Residence onboard this permanent luxury yacht charter entertain friends, at times taking them on short excursions to various ports of call.  I imagine they send for their grandchildren, family and children when they are feeling, er, homesick. 

The cuisine onboard this luxury residence liner is impeccable, fresh, and fueled by inspirations from the ports it frequents around the world!  So far, I cannot find a single reason why I should not put in my application to join this exotic, futuristic, and rather adventurous community!  This brings the term “citizen of the world” to a whole new level!

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