WTF: $240,000 Bugatti Desk Will Ignite Coworker Jealousy

If you and your colleagues enjoy a healthy dose of jealousy injections and are always on the market for a new tool to transform you into the top dog, Bugatti has your solution.  Should you have around $240,000 to spend on the cause, you can simply show up at work, and assemble your bitchin’ Bugatti inspired desk as they look on…drooling like the dogs they are.  Just don’t let them drool on or around your luxury desk.

Bugatti Desk

Yes, this desk costs as much as an exotic car!  The Bugatti Veyron can cost over a million, so the desk is a less expensive alternative to the 1,001 horsepower supercar.  The Bugatti Veyron’s tires cost more than a standard car, but the desk is even more.  This desk was inspired by the Grand Prix cars of the 1920s and 30s, yet has no chance of getting you up to 267 miles per hour, like the real thing.  At least your workday may go…er…faster.


Bugatti Supercar

Bugatti Veyron supercar

The Bugatti desk design includes honeycomb grill drawers and a billet aluminum frame.  Height adjustment drive gears are modeled after the Winfield carburetor’s synchro quadrants from a Type 57.

Bugatti desk

Bugatti luxury desk

When your boss dismisses your request to expense the desk, just wait a few minutes prior to requesting the more economical $64,000 version.  I’m sure he will stare at you as though you were Kanye West at the VMAs.

Bugatti desk

Does this look like $240,000 worth to you?  Comment below

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