Videos: Funny Banned Car Commercials!

Unfortunately some auto commercials get banned, but it is good to know that thanks to the Internet, we can retrieve and enjoy them!  Here is a compilation of funny banned car commercials for you to smirk at!  Don’t forget to cruise through our selection of exotic rental cars in a city near you after viewing the videos!

This banned Mercedes commercial depicts the typical “Dumb blonde”. I do not understand why it was banned because compared to other ads it is relatively inoffensive. 

Here is another banned Mercedes commercial, I assume it is simply to sexual for prudish America to swallow…yet Two and a Half Men is served up guilt-free. 

Ok so this isn’t exactly a car commercial, but there is a car involved, and farts are always funny.

Apparently this banned smartcar commercial was a bit too graphic and violent for mass consumption, even though I truly cannot recall a recent television series void of violence.  It showcases how the smartcar lacks a backseat, so no one can hide back there and uh…kill you. 

This banned ad is fantastic…and exhilarating at the end!

Yet another ad that was just too sexy for TV.


This one is hilarity at its finest!  As the man stretches against his luxury car after a run, it appears to the other driver that he is attempting to discard of the vehicle.  The helpful man pulls over and helps him plummet the Porsche off the cliff.  Nice!

Apparently the sensitive souls at PETA did not approve of this ad, as it was banned.

This masculine pickup truck ad by Dodge is laced with sexual innuendos that were too much of a long-shot for TV.

If you can understand why this BMW ad was banned, please comment below, it eludes me!





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