WTF: Lamborghini Explodes, Takes Half of Sold House With It!

Imagine that you have just sold your home, but that you were still living in it while you moved your belongings out for the new owner.  Now imagine starting your vintage Lamborghini in the garage of said newly sold home, and having it explode…taking half of the house with it!  This is exactly what happened to a 51-year-old Detroit area man recently.

Lamborghini Explodes in Detroit Garage

The garage and Lamborghini in the aftermath of the mysterious explosion

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Lamborghini Explosion Detroit

It is unknown at this juncture what triggered the exotic Lamborghini to violently explode, reducing it to scrap metal, taking half of the house with it.  Fortunately, the man escaped uninjured, and rescued his mother and a dog as well.  The new owner of the recently reduced home reportedly rushed to the scene…though I am sure they did not relish the sight! 


What the Lamborghini likely looked like in its prime

It is truly an unbelievable story; just imagine closing on a home, and having the previous owner’s exotic sports car explode in the garage, effectively destroying your new investment. 

Will this proud new homeowner be dropped by their insurance company?  I assume the Lamborghini owner will be sent a non-renewal notice promptly.  


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